Photo by  oh snap!

Photo by oh snap!

Who We Are


The Capital City Crushers, Topeka’s only roller derby team, is a diverse group of hard skaters. We are spouses, parents, girlfriends, partners, nurses, social workers, managers, students … people with full lives who still find time to get out on the track and kick some ass!

Roller derby is back in a big way! The Capital City Crushers are Topeka’s only non-profit, adult roller derby league. Our organization strives to foster teamwork, athleticism, sportsmanship, and community activism among its members. The Crushers are skater-owned, and operated so each skater is also actively involved in the way the team is organized and structured. We’re like one big, rowdy family!

The Crushers come from all walks of life, and in all shapes and sizes! Our current roster has nurses, office professionals, managers, bartenders, students, and stay-at-home parents. The league has a good mix of fast, agile jammers, and tough “bruiser” blockers. Roller derby is a hard-hitting, competitive sport that combines strength, speed, and agility. Some people describe it as “football on skates” … we say it’s a great way to get rid of stress! This isn’t your parent's roller derby. The track is flat, and the hits are real!  


Our Team!

Artemis Huntress - 13 Bad Ju Ju - 24 Blackout - .300 Brooklyn Bomber - 33 Bully Holiday - 5678 Cecilia Pain - 7 Cursula - 8 Diva Destruction - 26 Dizzy Aster - 3 Evans - 00 Flash Bandikoot - 312 Goose ya - 0 Jackn'Scottch - 58 Jo Mama - 5150 Just Wrong Lady Ricochet - 357 Linnie R. Aggression - 42 Lost Soul - 85 Luna Shovegood - 1337 Mann Slaughter - 0626 Ph. Double D's - 410 PikaPunchu - 97 Red Five - 25 Scarlet O'Scare Ya - 1233 Vicious V - R461 Whirlwind - 525 Wolverina - 505 WyldeSyde - 2012


Mad Love to Oh!Snap! Photography for many of our beautiful photos. Especially these ones!