Photo by  ryan bishop

Photo by ryan bishop


The Refs & NSOs


These refs watch the action to keep everyone safe, watch for penalties, and make sure everyone plays by the rules. The NSOs keep track of all of our stats, update the score board, keep time in the penalty box and more. Roller derby wouldn't be possible without our refs and NSO's. If you love roller derby, and we know you do, be sure to thank the refs and NSOs any and every time you get the chance. The Capital City Crushers extended the biggest of thanks to both Team Zebra and Team NSO!

The Refs:

Capt’n Jack- Head Referee

el Pea- Creepshow - Leprechaun - Papa - Lucky Charms- Po Dunk

The NSO's (Stats, & Penalty Box):

Brawlin' Barbie - Head NSO

Captain Oblivious - Killer Kitty - Crystal Vanderpool

Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of Team Zebra or Team NSO?  Check out the League of Kansas Officials on Facebook for information on how to become an official. You can also email us at